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Warehouse Assessments



Expert Guidance

Improving productivity, efficiencies, and product workflow in all departments will directly reduce labour, occupancy, and shipping expenses. It also has a positive effect on customer service levels and inventory control. To improve you must constantly assess and refocus improvement efforts in various areas of your warehouse. This is where a warehouse assessment or audit comes into play.


We offer and assist our clients by conducting an objective, independent warehouse assessment to identify all areas of potential improvement. We corroboratively work with our clients to develop well-focused actionable, detailed recommendations to implement industry best practices.  We interview managers, supervisors, and employees to better understand the current processes and issues being faced and combine them with what we observe during the site visit.


These recommendations can be immediately implemented into your current operations. Our recommendations will boost your productivity, increase efficiencies, and improve product workflow.


We focus the scope of the operations assessment on areas that you identify as needing to be improved upon. We conduct an onsite visit to understand your company culture, warehouse management system etc. used to support the operation, and your service levels guaranteed to the customer.

We partnered with well experienced Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Consultants to provide the following

services to our clients:

1. Advice regarding OHS risk that the Company may face

2. Assistance to develop ISO 9001, ISO 17020, ISO 17025 and ISO 45001 management systems


Material and Asset Control



Grow Your Business

Keeping track of inventory and fixed assets is crucial when calculating business success. Not only is inventory valuable because of its shelf worth, but your fixed assets enable your business to run.


In terms of stock control, reaching an optimal level of inventory can minimize risk. Overstocking or running out of stock can lead to issues of customer dissatisfaction and lost profit. Effective inventory management can ensure stock turnover rates and identify idle inventory that is costing you money.

Our Company has set out to make sure we offer you the best Control options for both your Inventory and Assets, we offer:

Inventory/ Material Control

1. Prioritize Inventory

2. Track Product Information

3. Inventory Audit

4. Consistency of Incoming Stock

5. Inventory Management Technology

Asset Control

1. Location

2. Asset Identification

3. Condition

4. Maintenance Schedules

5. Depreciation Status


Inventory Management Systems



Achieve Your Goals

Inventory management is the fundamental building block to longer life span. When your inventory is meticulously organized, the rest of your supply-chain management will fall into place. Without it, you risk a litany of mistakes like mis-shipments, out of stocks, overstocks, mis-picks, the list goes on.

We offer the best Inventory management techniques and practices which includes:

  1. Fine-tune forecasting

  2. The FIFO approach (First in, first out)

  3. Identify slow moving stock

  4. Stock audit

  5. Inventory management software

  6. Tracking of stock levels

  7. Reducing equipment repair times

  8. Quality control

  9. Stock controller importance

  10. A, B and C categories

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Templates and Registers



Achieve Your Goals

Templates and Registers in your warehouse play a huge role, thus, to ensure Inventory and assets are monitored and controlled correctly.

We create professional warehouse related templates and registers that will make sure your inventory and assets are controlled with heading information that is required in line with ISO 9001 systems.


Warehouse Layout Design



Get the most out of your Warehouse

A practical warehouse layout design is a crucial process as it has a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse. The planned layout should arrange the processes in a logical sequence that can help streamline operations, boost productivity, and reduce expenses. A well-executed warehouse layout design can provide easy access to stored goods, minimize travel time, and improve order fulfilment.

We offer services from our well-known expertise, that include efficient warehouse layout designs:


  1. Make the most of your Warehouse available space

  2. Reducing the handling of goods to a minimum

  3. Providing easy access to your stored products

  4. Offering maximum flexibility in the positioning of products

  5. Controlling the product quantities stored

  6. Best stacking and storage practices

  7. We make use of practical warehouse designs that includes layouts such as a main stored facility, Picking and dispatch areas.​

Some businesses want to optimize their inventory receiving, while others need more efficient pick and pack processes, and others will design their warehouses for crossdocking.


Regardless of your objectives, we make sure that your warehouse design helps you achieve them.​





Expert Guidance

Effective housekeeping can help control or eliminate workplace hazards. Poor housekeeping practices frequently contribute to incidents. If the sight of paper, debris, clutter, and spills is accepted as normal, then other more serious hazards may be taken for granted.


Housekeeping is not just cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly, maintaining halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards, and removing of waste materials and other fire hazards from work areas. As Ben Franklin said: “A Place for everything, everything in its place.”

We can advise on elements of a good housekeeping program,


  • Maintenance

  • Dust and Dirt Removal

  • Employee facilities

  • Surfaces

  • Light fixtures maintenance

  • Aisles and stairways

  • Spill control

  • Tools and equipment

  • Waste disposal and storage

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Picking and Packing Solutions



Grow Your Business

Using the proper pick and pack process methods is crucial to your company’s success.


Picking is the process of pulling inventory from the warehouse to be included in the customer order.

Packing is the process of gathering and packaging these items to prepare them for shipment to the customer.


The pick and pack process are a set of procedures and tools that your employees use to fulfil customer orders quickly and efficiently.


We advise to use discrete order picking methods.



  • You receive two orders

  • You pick and pack all the items for the first order

  • Proceed to pick and pack all the items for the second order

  • Rinse and repeat

Image by James Lewis

Storage Options Or Systems



Achieve Your Goals

Warehouse storage options or system is also called a warehouse management system because it refers to storage equipment that are used to help you easily manage your warehouse and keep the workers as well as the products and items inside the warehouse safe.

We offer you our best advice to all the storage options available in the market.


Make sure your Inventory, Assets and Consumables are not only stored according to Warehouse and Supply Chain requirements but also H&S specifications.

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